About Us

For Tom, building is more than a profession; it’s a lifelong calling that started with childhood forts and evolved into crafting masterpieces from raw landscapes.

Aaron’s journey began as a carpenter, driven by the freedom of outdoor work and the thrill of seeing projects through to their triumphant conclusion.

Tom brought Aaron on 6 years ago. They are like family to each other. As Aaron now assumes the helm, guided by Tom’s watchful eye and wealth of experience, he brings a fresh perspective. As a 3rd generation Santa Cruz local, Aaron has roots deeply intertwined in the community. From being a regular surfing Sewers, to fostering multi-generational connections, his love for Santa Cruz runs as deep as the Pacific itself.

Empowered by Tom’s trust and mentorship, Aaron leads Branagan Builders into a new chapter—one defined by innovation, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to creating beautiful homes that endure. Our legacy is not solely in the structures we build but in the enduring relationships forged along the way. At Branagan Builders, our clients aren’t just patrons; they’re lifelong friends.

Tom is married to Naomi, an esteemed interior designer, while Aaron Di Ciano is married to Katherine and is a proud father to two children, Avery & Emryn. Together, we invite you to embark on a journey with Branagan Builders—a journey where dreams become reality and legacies are built to last.